Photo of the Day: Something I’m Listening To

Photo of the Day: Day 29 | What I'm Listening To #febphotoaday, Uploaded with Snapbucket

Today’s photo of the day was actually a little hard for me.


I’m not a big music person.

Don’t get me wrong, I like music.  I like to listen to music in my car. I like to sing along.

However, I really only like to listen to it in the car.

I don’t like to have music on in the house during the day.

I don’t remember always being like this, it kinda getting worse as I get older.

My daughter and husband love to listen to music.

They always have all the newest CD’s to listen to and they like to turn it up loud.

Very loud!

They love when I’m not in the car with them and they can crank the stereo as loud as they want.

I’m not sure how they hear themselves think.

I did recently stumble across this CD.

It’s Wildflower by Lauren Alaina.

It’s country and I really like to listen to country music.

Which seems strange coming from a girl who grew up listening to Metallica and AC/DC.

We won’t go there!

It’s a really good album and I’ve been listening to it in my car. Only.

I know, it’s weird.

If your a country fan and haven’t checked out the Lauren Alaina CD, check it out.  I think you’ll like it.