Hoo Are You? #60


Good morning!

I’m joining in a fun party hosted over at Night Owl Crafting.

Here are the questions for this week and my answers are right below.

1. Do you type on a keyboard the correct way or do you peck like a cute little chick?

I type the correct way.  I first learned to type in high school and have used it ever since.  I cannot stand to be at a computer with someone who pecks on the keyboard.  Makes me want to push them out of the way and finish it for them.

2. Typically how long does it take you to get ready in the morning? 

When it is cold outside, I like to take my shower at night so in the morning all I have to do is dress, put on a little make-up and go.  I have natural curly hair so if I straight iron it, about 30 minutes.  If I wet it and let it dry curly, then about 10.

3. Do you prefer lip gloss or lipstick?

I prefer lipstick for the color but during the day I never have any with me so end up with lip gloss or chapstick.

4. Do you take clothes to the dry cleaner or wash them yourself even if they say dry clean only.

It would depend on what it is.  If it’s a formal gown or a suit, I take it to the dry cleaners.  Mostly I try not to buy anything that needs to be dry cleaned.  Jeans and cotton shirts, my normal attire, don’t have to be dry cleaned.

5. Do you prefer WalMart or Target?

Definately Target.  Everytime I go to WalMart, I swear I’m never going back.  They closed the Target closest to me so I don’t go as often now. 😦

Want to join in on the fun?  Head on over to Night Owl Crafting and get to know each other.


Day 3 {40 bags in 40 days}

On Wednesday I started a challenge called 40 bags in 40 days.  I learned of this challenge from Ann Marie over at whitehouse,blackshutters.
The purpose of the challenge is to declutter your home, life and everything in between.  I love the idea of decluttering and to be honest, I haven’t decluttered in a long time.
My first project was my master bedroom closet.  It was a big task to start with but really needed done.  You can see the progress here.
It took me all day to clean everything out, sort through everything and then put everything back in.  I was exhausted at the end of the day; but I’m not giving up.  I ended up with 1 bag of trash and 3 bags of stuff to go to goodwill.
My thought process was that on day number 2 I would do the master bathroom and then the master bedroom and then just work myself down the hall into the kids rooms and bath and so forth.  I liked how it seemed all organized and flowed nicely.
After such a huge day 1, I was lucky to do anything on day 2.  I did manage to clean the kids bathroom.  I wasn’t cluttered, it just needed to be cleaned.  So I can check that off my list.
Today, however; I got it together and tackled our master bathroom. 
Can I just start off by saying “we hate our master bathroom”.  That’s terrible, but we really, really hate it.  We would love to just gut the whole thing and start over.  Unfortunately, the lack of time and money keeps us from doing just that. 
Sometime ago, I got the bright idea of putting this bookshelf in the bathroom to hold all the things I had to have in there.  I don’t know why I thought this was a good idea but I did.  The bathroom isn’t huge and this took up quite a bit of space.
I kept it pretty full, too.  You can see the brown wall behind it.  I decided I wanted to paint the bathroom brown and so I painted just that one wall, hated it and it’s been that way since.
This is under hubby’s sink.  It’s not too bad.  That plastic bin, if you can see it there, is empty.  It’s suppose to be for his extra bars of soap.  You can see where they are.

This is under my sink.  Not too bad, but there is a lot of stuff thrown in the back.  I did try to be a little organized with the plastic bins.
I have a few of these bins sitting around collecting hair gels.  I don’t know why I bother, I never use them. 

And so I began; I removed everything from under the sinks and off the bookshelf.  I started tossing bottles of stuff that I don’t even remember why I bought it in the first place.  It’s amazing how much stuff we can collect.
I organized it all, made use of the plastic bins that I had anyway, wiped everything down and put it all back in.  Only organized this time.
This is what under my sink looks like now.
I was even able to get some of the things off the bookshelf in there, which is what I really wanted.
Under hubby’s sink.
Why is it that men just naturally require so much fewer stuff than we do?  I’ll never know.
I even got more things into hubby’s drawer, which was only half full.
While I was at it, I cleaned everything.
See, doesn’t it look much bigger without those bookshelves in there?
Maybe one day we will get to redo this room.  For now; I’ll just do my best to keep it clutter free.
I’m linking up with whitehouse,blackshutters for her 40 bags in 40 days challenge.
Looking forward to what the next 37 days bring 🙂

A cupboard redo….

This summer my husband was coming home from the grocery store and discovered that my favorite antique store was having a garage sale in their parking lot.
He suggested we go see what they have, and since I’m always on the lookout for some good “junk”, off we went. 
We got there at just the right time – closing time.
You know when you show up at something like this right at closing time, the people are practically paying you to take their stuff just so they don’t have to shlep it back home with them.
I found about 4 or 5 good things from one booth and the lady running it was giving the stuff to me for FREE.  She also had this cupboard and I ended up throwing $3 her way because I felt so bad that I was taking all her stuff for nothing.
So we loaded the cupboard up and brought it home.
This is what it looked like when we brought it home.
It was pretty rough but I had big dreams for it. 
Now keep in mind that I have never refinished any piece of furniture in my life.  I’ve thought about it a great deal but never done it on my own.
My husband, on the other hand, is very handy to have around and so I knew if I got into a tight spot, he would be able to get me out 🙂
In my excitement, I promptly went to the home improvement store and got some paint stripper.  My plan was to strip off the paint, sand it down to bare wood and stain it. 
It’s good I can laugh at myself because that wasn’t happening.
Those of you who have refinished wood before know what I’m talking about.
So after stripping some of the paint off and sanding it a little, I put it back into the basement where it waited and waited and waited some more.
Fast forward several months; we had a really nice day in February and I just couldn’t stand seeing my poor cupboard sitting in the basement half (well, not even half) finished.
This was when I decided that a nice coat of paint would be perfect for it.  I took it outside, washed it up, sanded it a little bit and then primed it.
Oh my gosh…. it was already looking so much better.  It ended up being a really nice weekend so I got the entire cupboard painted.
Looking pretty good for a FREE cupboard that is going in my basement anyway.
If you remember, it also had doors.  We knocked out the insert and I wanted to do glass in the doors.  My husband came up with the idea of putting a piece of plastic in them and painting the plastic with a frosting paint. 
We decided to ‘fancy’ them up a little bit and add our initial to them.  I created a template in Microsoft Word that I liked.
Printed off 2 of them; one for each door.
I then cut them out and adhered them to the backside of the plastic pieces.  We just used a little scrapbook adheasive so they would be easy to get off.
I went and got some of this Valspar Frosting paint.  It worked really great. 
NOTE: Don’t spray this in your basement, it really stinks for a long time and will make your whole family high.  I’m just sayin’.

I was shopping at my fav antique store and came across these 2 handles. 
I liked the simplicity of them.
This is what it looks like completely finished.
I really like the way the doors came out.
It’s not stained like I thought it needed to be, but I think it looks great and I’m happy to say that I did it.

40 bags in 40 days

I came across this blog yesterday and loved the idea of
40 bags in 40 days.
I hate clutter and so every opportunity to get rid of
clutter certainly appeals to me.
The challenge started today and first on my list was
my master bathroom closet.
I have been wanting to organize and clean this space
for a long time.  I knew I had lots of clothes that I
no longer wear and it was time for them to go.
We only have 1 master closet so that means hubby and I have to share.
We do pretty well sharing that space but it can get out of control very quickly.
It’s also a small space, which doesn’t help.
Here is a before picture.  Hubbies clothes are on the top shelf and I
didn’t even touch them today.  He gets all bent out of shape
when I toss his things.  Hopefully I can get him to set aside
some time to do it himself.

I figured I could get an idea of what I had and it would
be easier to sort if I removed everything from the closet.
And so, remove everything from the closet I did.
(Except Scott’s things, of course)
These are all my purses and shoes. 
It really is deceiving what you truly have when it’s all in a confined space.
I piled all of my clothes on the bed. 
This strategy also served as insurance that I would
finish today; I do plan on sleeping in that bed tonight.
I even found a Bunko game.  Brand new, never before been played.
The dice and pencils are even still in the plastic.
Score cards haven’t even been written on.
Anybody know how to play Bunko??
Once everything was cleaned out, I vacuumed the carpet and cleaned the baseboards.

Finally, after working on this little project all day.  That’s right, all day!!! I ended up with 1 bag of trash and 3 bags of shoes, clothes and purses to give away.  I know I was only required to fill one bag today but I just had so much to get rid of. 
Maybe I’ll take the next 2 days off since I did 3 bags today because i.am.exhausted
The finished closet
I love how the closet looks now; lets hope we can keep it that way.

And here is 1 of my bags of donation items. 
So even though I am exhausted and I probably went overboard by
choosing the master closet on day number 1.  I’m really excited about this
challenge and think it will be very rewarding in the end.
Now that you have seen my newly cleaned closet; here is the logistics.
I heard about this challenge from Ann Marie at white house, black shutters.  The challenge started today and will go for the next 40 days, otherwise knows as Lent.  You are to fill 1 garbage bag with things in your home that you no longer love, use or want.  The whole purpose is to lead a clutter free life.
I’m excited about it and hope you will check out Ann Marie’s blog and join us.

Another month down……..

I can hardly believe that we have completed another
month of this year.  They all seem to be flying by so quickly.
On a bright note, though; spring will be here before
we know it.  As you know, I am a warm weather girl so I am
looking forward to spring.
As I did in January, I wanted to recap our happenings for February.
February 1: I finally got to my craft area and managed to whip up this
pillow.  I love the way it turned out.
February 2: This is our calico, Trinity.  We adopted her from
a local animal shelter 2 1/2 years ago.  So far, she has been a great cat.

February 3:  Victoria decided she wanted a rainbow cake for her birthday.
After doing some research, I learned that it really wouldn’t be that hard.
You can see the end result here.

February 4:  Today our daughter turned 13.  THIRTEEN!!! When did that
happen.  We are just beside ourselves that she is a teenager.
Let me just tell you; she has that teenage attitude to go right along with it.
February 5:  Victoria had some fiends over for her birthday.  Here is a slice
of the finished rainbow cake.  It was yummy!!

February 6:  As if Victoria turning thirteen wasn’t evough; two days later, Trency turned 20.
I don’t care what anyone says, I’m not old enough to have a child
who is 20!!

February 7:  Basketball hasn’t even ended and we are already gearing
up for baseball.  Our team goes to an indoor facility to practice
when it is too cold outside.  This isn’t a great picture
because it’s inside and I was taking it with my phone.

February 8:  Victoria was looking exceptionally cute today so
I tried to do a photo shoot with her.  I should have known better. 
You can see all the pictures here.

February 9: Zachary was doing his homework and I just
loved how his snack coincided with his book and the sofa.

February 10:  More snow.  Really!!  I’m already sick of it
from the 6 inches we got in January.  Luckily, this one didn’t stick
around for long.  We only got a dusting.

February 11:  I had to get out of the house so I visited my favorite
antique mall.  I can always find something I need there.

February 12:  Our very first baseball tournament of the season.
It was cold but we had a great time.  Zachary got to work on his

February 13:  I volunteered to bring in the icing for Zachary’s classes Valentine
party.  His teacher said I was the first mom ever to bring homemade icing to
her class for the cookies she makes the kids to decorate
every year.  It really isn’t that hard.

February 14:  Happy Valentines Day!
The party in Zachary’s class was so much fun.

February 15:  Zachary had a very stubborn baby tooth that
didn’t want to come out.  I had to take him to an oral surgeon to
have it removed.  He wrote this letter to the tooth fairy:  “Dear Tooth Fairy, I had my
tooth pulled from my mouth and I would like $20 please because
it hurt”.  How sweet is that?

February 16:  I have been looking at these magazine
holders for months.  I just couldn’t make myself pay $7, $8 or $10 for them.
I found these at Office Depot for $1.  At that price, I got 3.

February 17:  I was sitting outside waiting for Zachary’s bus.
The sun felt so good shining on my face.  It reminded me that spring is coming.

February 18:  I was invited to assist Victoria’s class with their
frog dissection.  I figured I better jump at the opportunity, it’s not everyday
you are invited into a middle school classroom.

February 19:  Hubby and I have been working on this cupboard for months.
We finally got the doors finished and attached.
I love how it turned out.

February 20:  It is no secret that I love to read.  I have read a few things by Debbie Macomber and eally wanted to read her Cedar Cove Series.  I finally picked up the 1st book about 2 weeks ago.  I just finished book 4 today.  They are really good and I can’t seem to put them down.  I’m always so anxious to find out what happens in the next book.  If you are looking for a great read; go check these out of your local library.  Or buy them, whatever; just read them!

February 21:  Before I sent some recipes to my mother for her Reunion cookbook, I had to test one and make sure it was good.  It is.  Chocolate Chip Scones.  You can find the recipe here.

February 22:  A bunch of us moms from baseball started playing this game.
It’s called Words With Friends and is so addicting. 

February 23 & 24
Ooops……. guess I didn’t get a picture these days.  Apparently, nothing happened.
February 25:  Another trip to Office Depot scored me these pens.
I just love the colors.  Reminds me of the beach and spring and summer.
I told you I was a warm weather girl!!

February 26:  Zachary had his second baseball tournament of the season.
It was much warmer this time around.

February 27:  It was a 2 day tournament.  He got to catch during this
game and had a great hit all the way to the fence.

February 28:  I don’t know where we found the time, but my husband
hung another shelf for me in my craft room.  My hope was
to get my scrapbooking table cleaned off so I could get busy working on
some albums. 

Well, that’s about it for February.  Be sure to tune in to see where March takes us.