A New Year’s Resolution

I’m not usually big on making New Year Resolutions.

I can think of things that I want to change and do in the new year but that usually only lasts about a week and then I’m pretty much over it.

One year my resolutions were to write in a journal everyday and have lunch with my hubby once a week.  Well, the journal writing lasted about 2 days and hubby got tired of having lunch with me once a week so that ended pretty quickly.

I used to be really good about sending birthday cards to family members.

Ok, not really good but I was kinda good about it.

Truth is, I stink at it.  Really stink!

My sister would agree.

Her kids were lucky if I could get their cards to them in the month of their birthday let alone on the day of their birthday.  My poor husband’s family never got any, I don’t think.  I like to think that that wasn’t entirely my fault, see; he couldn’t remember when all the birthdays were so he would have to call his parents to ask them and then he would forget to tell me and so I would never remember to get a card or it would be too late.  So yea, I’m going to lay that blame on him.

Well, this year my resolution is to get it together and send out birthday cards to our families.  Not just my side but his side as well.  I am taking the burden off his shoulders and going to do it for both of us.  Hopefully I can get him to sign them, we will see.

This week in the mail we got this:

Now it may look like just any old calendar to you but it’s not.  It’s so much more than that.

My father-in-law must be reading my mind or something because he took the time to write down everyone’s birthday in this calendar.

He even wrote everyone’s ages.

No I have no excuses for not sending birthday cards to hubby’s family.

He has helped me out tremendously.

 I’m going to put this in my office so I always have the birthdays right in front of me.

Thanks to the help from my father-in-law,  I’m sure to be able to keep my New Year’s Resolution this year.

He even circled Father’s Day for us.

 Oh man, were we that bad??

Probably so.

My most favorite part of this calendar was when I flipped to October. Not only did he have my birthday on there, but he has me a year younger than I actually am.

I always knew he was on my side.

So, Thank you, Ed!

 Thank you for helping me keep my New Year’s Resolution this year and for also thinking I’m a year younger than I actually am.