My view

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am a Summer girl.

I like my days up around 80, 85 degrees.

I like to hang by the pool or at the beach with my toes in the sand.

I much rather prefer to wear shorts and tank tops over jeans and sweatshirts.

The only thing that I love about Fall is this….

This is the view from my breakfast area.  Pretty, right?  This is where I like to have my breakfast.

It helps me to realize the beauty of this world and gets my mind set for the day.

This is the view from my kitchen.

On warm days, I enjoy sitting on the deck and taking in this view.

This is from our family room.

This is upstairs in one of the top windows of the 2-story family room.

I even get a great view from my office.

Even though I love the hot weather, I always love when our leaves change colors.  All too soon, they will all fall off and I’ll be left to look at naked trees and the backs of our neighbors houses.  I try to enjoy this great view as much as I can.

I am so thankful for our home and all the trees that we have in our backyard.

Do you have great views of the change of seasons where you live?


A little Fall decor

When we were at a softball tournament a couple weeks ago, I saw these leaves all over the ground.  I thought they were so pretty because one side of them were red and the other side looked pink.  I thought they would make a great Fall decoration.

So, I gathered some up and brought them home.

Not that we don’t have leaves in our own yard but I swear mine don’t look like this.  And also, mine hadn’t changed colors yet.

See what I mean about one side red and the other side looking pink(ish).

I wanted some to show their red side and some to show their pink(ish) side.

I arranged them on a piece of whtie cardstock.

Then, I glued them down with ordinary craft glue.

I let them dry for a couple days then went and bought a black frame.

I had to trim the cardstock down to the size of the frame and then just put the leaves in the frame like a picture.

It then got hung on the wall.  I really like how it looks.  It adds some Fall to my basement.

Do you do crafts with leaves?  Frame them and hang on the wall like I did?

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Happy Fall

Even though it’s still getting close to 80 degrees here during the day, I finally managed to get my Fall decorating done.
This has been a really busy week for me with the kids getting out of school early 2 days and being at one of the schools most of the day yesterday and I’ll be there most of the day tomorrow.
This was my only day to get everything done before our company comes this weekend.


So, I put on my cleaning clothes, got the 20 year old on board (which is no small feat) and we got busy.


The house smells so fresh and clean now.


I wanted to share some of my fall decorating with you. I don’t do much, mostly because I don’t have much; but I like to try and do a little something in all the rooms on the main floor.
This is what I have done in the dining room.

This is the entry way.
Meet Sticks and Bones. I got them from Partylite several years ago.
That candle you see on the dining room table through the mirror is my all time favorite scent. It also came from Partylite several years ago and right after I got it, they quit making that scent. 

This is my kitchen.


This is a view of my mantle from the kitchen sink.
This is my family room.



The half bath even gets a little something
I had this great hook for years before we found a place for it.


This is the door to the half bath.

Well that’s it for my Fall decorating.  What things have you put up for Fall this year?  I can’t wait to see them.

Fall Decorating…..

In an attempt to clean up and organize
my Christmas decorations, which
have completely overtaken my little
storage room; I came across
tons of fall decorations.
I remember buying all this stuff
but haven’t used it for a few years because
I couldn’t get to it through all the Christmas stuff.
The kids and I spent Saturday evening getting the house
decorated for fall.
Here is what we did:
These pumpkins also take a tea light and look
really pretty at nighttime.
I just got the white candle holder at a thrift store for $1.50.
I love it and it came with a candle.  I also think it looks cute
with the pumpkin.

My skeleton and his dog also have candle holders.

This is my favorite candle in the whole wide world. 
I got it from Partylite years ago and they quit
making/selling it.  I cannot find the equivalent
scent anywhere.

Some of these gourds are real, some are fake.
I think they look great in my red bowl.

I hope you enjoyed my fall decorations.
Make sure to come back when I post my Christmas