Bulletin board make over

I’ve been wanting to do something with this everyday-run-of-the-mill bulletin board for a while now.

It started out as just a plain brown bulletin board.  I think it’s been used in every room of our house.  It was originally purchased to go in the kitchen.  It did some time there, but then eventually moved into the oldest son’s room.  When he was finished with it, it went to my daughter’s room.  She never did like it or use it so it got taken down and put into the basement with all the other things that nobody wants.

My office/craft room is in the basement so I guess that means that I was stuck with the bulletin board.  I figure if I’m going to have it, I may as well try to make it a little exciting.

I started off by stray painting the entire thing black.

I was going to leave it like that.  The accent color in my basement is black, so it would work.

What doesn’t work is how “used” the board is.  You can tell that kids had it in their possession at one time or another.

I decided that I would give it some color, or pop if you will.

I picked some scrapbook paper in bright, bold colors.

I laid it all out over the bulletin board and made any cuts to the paper to ensure it would fit.

Then, I sprayed the bulletin board with spray adhesive and applied the paper.

I made sure to start with the very bottom layer and only sprayed the adhesive to go directly under that  piece.

I then continued with the other pieces.

Lastly, I applied the very top pieces.

Make sure to press all layers down firmly paying close attention to the corners.

Allow it to dry for a few hours and then hang on the wall.

I love the way it turned out and it looks great above my sewing machine.

Let’s take a closer look.

And, a couple more.

I see so many people doing this kind of fun stuff and I never get around to doing it.  I love how it turned out and it was super easy to do.  Probably took me a total of 15 minutes minus the drying time.

So when you see cool projects that you really want to try, don’t be afraid.  Give it a shot, you’ll be surprised how easy they can be.

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Living room progress…

This is my living room.

If you remember, it’s on my list of DIY home plans for 2012.

I has originally wanted to do board and batten in this room.

When I factored in how much time and money would be involved, I decided the best thing to do if I wanted to make a change quickly would be to simply repaint.

I love what a can of paint can do for a room.

I was really tired of the dark colors.

I loved it when I first painted it these colors but it made the room so dark.

So I set out to pick colors for this room.

I picked up a couple of samples at Lowe’s.

And painted a small patch on the walls.

I love the light blue but not for a formal living room.

Hubby and I both likes the darker blue/green color.

We decided to go with that for the whole room then we are going to accent with the gold color that I picked out.

I also went and picked out some fabric to make curtains.

I started by priming all the walls.  Since I was going lighter over a darker paint, I wanted to make sure none of the darker paint shows through.

There was no turning back now.

By the time I got all the walls primed and went to the store to get my paint.  I had already changed my mind about the wall color.

I want this room to be really bright and airy and I also want it to look formal.

I decided to go with the gold color that I had chosen for the accent color.

I’m so glad I did.

I went ahead and got the walls rolled with their first coat today.

I now have to wait for hubby to come in and do the cutting in.

I am horrible at cutting in paint and so I have to leave that up to him.

I’m painting the entire room this color then we are going to do the trim rectangles at the bottom, like in our dining room; then I will paint the inside of the rectangles the blue/green color.

I’m sure there’s a name for that technique but I don’t know what it is.

I already love how much it lightens this room up.

Stay tuned for the finished product.

The paint colors I am using are: Shoreline Haze and Lyndhurst Duchess Blue.  They are both available at Lowe’s.


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A fun day…

Leap Day 2012

An extra 24 hours in this year.

I had a pretty good day and a little luck.

Early in February, I went to my favorite quilt shop to get zippers.

I go to this quilt shop specifically for their zippers.

They carry tons, in lots of fun colors and they are only a little over a dollar each.

Zippers, Uploaded with Snapbucket

My daughter’s birthday was that coming weekend and we were having a surprise birthday party for her.

I invited 7 of her friends and decided to make each of the girls a goodie bag.

A goodie bag that looked like this.

Wheres my mother to help me sew all these bags when i need her?, Uploaded with Snapbucket

I made 8 of them in all different colors.

I also got the pattern from the quilt shop.

Well, when I was checking out; they gave me a red envelope as part of their Red Envelope Extravaganza.

The deal was I had to bring the red envelope back on February 29, Leap Day, unopened and inside could be a prize or a discount coupon.

I put it on my calendar and decided that I would go back to see what was in my red envelope.

You just never know.

I also knew I would be needing some more zippers.

When I got there, the first thing I did was have the lady check my red envelope.

Low and behold, I was a winner.

I was so excited, I never win anything.

I figured I would just get a percentage off my purchase, which would have been plenty for me.

Not this time, it was my lucky day.

I won this:

I won this iron today!!!, Uploaded with Snapbucket

My mom has one of these and they are so handy to keep in the craft room.

I had been wanting one since I saw hers.

I also got to do a little shopping.

I found another pattern.

I love this one and can’t wait to get started on it.

Pattern, Uploaded with Snapbucket

I got enough material to make 2 of the long ones.

Fabric, Uploaded with Snapbucket

The pattern seems a little more complicated than the bags I made for my daughter and her friends but I’ll just have to take my time.

I can’t wait to see how they turn out.

So, I had a great Leap Day 2012.

How did you spend your day?

Floors are Installed

I can’t believe it’s been 2 weeks since I last posted.

I’ve been meaning to, but have been busy kicking off a new business.

I launched my Longaberger Basket business the end of January and have been trying to learn all the ropes.

Everything here at the house and on the blog have been at a standstill while I figure out what I’m doing and try to get off to a good start.

For those of you who don’t know, I will be selling baskets and pottery, like these:




I was first introduced to Longaberger in 1993.  My soon to be sister-in-law was selling and I fell in love with the baskets.  I started collecting all I could get my hands on and my in-laws were great about getting me a basket for my birthday and Christmas.  It only seemed right that after 18 years, I would start selling them.

So, before my new business adventure, we did manage to get our hardwood floors installed in the master bedroom and hallway.  We looked and looked for what kind of floors we were going to put upstairs.  We wanted something to kinda match the floors downstairs but weren’t certain that we wanted to go with 3/4 inch hardwoods.  Our kids bedrooms have a laminate on them, because kids spill stuff, we didn’t want to go with anything too expensive.  We were not planning on replacing the floors in the kids rooms so we wanted something that wouldn’t be too much thicker than what was in their bedrooms.

We decided to go with a locking laminate (which looks like real hardwoods) and we put a nice padding under it.

We started by clearing all the furniture out of our bedroom that we could.  Of course, we couldn’t take down the bed, we still needed a place to sleep at night, so we just had to work around it.

We then put down all the padding.  It had a sticky strip that held the pieces together so it wouldn’t move as we walked on it.

Once the padding was down, hubby took some time to measure and lay out the part that would flow from the hallway into the master bedroom.  We wanted a clean line looking from the hallway into the bedroom and vice versa.

We’re pretty sure you would have been able to tell had it ended up even just a little bit crooked.

We started in the hallway right at the top of the stairs.  This part took some time with all the cuts that were needed.

We then extended it straight into the master bedroom.  We pushed the bed and my big dresser to one side and worked the wood toward the other direction until that side was finished.

Once all the corner cuts were finished, the process actually moved fairly quickly.  Each row, we only had to make 1 or 2 cuts.

After that side was finished, we moved the dresser and bed to the other side of the room and put down that padding.

That side really went fast.  We had become sorta pros at this point and luckily we didn’t have anymore of those crazy corner cuts like in the hallway.

I was so excited to get them done and I love the way my curtains look with the new floors.  We still have to put down the quarter round and get the furniture put back but this is a huge improvement.

I’ll be sure to share the finished room very soon.



Planting Rose Bushes

A couple months ago, I read the book Sand in My Eyes by Christine Lemmon.  The main character in the book, Anna,  quits her job in New York City and moves her husband and children to Sanibel Island, Florida where she meets her older neighbor, Fedelina.  One day Fedelina shows up on Anna’s doorstep with an armful of flowers.  Not just any flowers though, roses.  The book goes on to talk about Fedelina’s rose garden and about her cutting roses from her garden everyday and putting them in vases in her house and also giving several to her new neighbor.  The book also talks about how taking care of roses can be so much like taking care of our own lives.  How not only do we have to take time to prune the rose bushes but also taking time to “prune” our own lives.

I got so caught up in the rose bushes and how wonderful they must be that I started dreaming of maybe having a rose garden of my own.  I checked some books out of our local library about roses and did a little research.  When I say I did a little research, I mean very little.  My idea of research is pretty much looking at the pictures and reading the caption underneath.

So when I was at Lowe’s one afternoon and saw they had rose bushes for sale for $5 each, I knew it was meant to be.  I knew that was a sign that it was time for me to start my rose garden.  So I bought 3 bushes.

I got a white one called Pascali, a blue one called Blue Girl and a red one called Oklahoma.

If you are looking at my house, this would be the left side and we don’t have much planted over there yet.  I had a calla lily that we planted a few years ago and my brother-in-law just helped me cut it completely back.  I hope it comes back this year.  I also have another bush that I planted that my son’s 4th grade teacher gave me but I have no idea what it is called.

This area gets lots of afternoon sun so I thought it would be a great spot for the rose bushes.  Not to mention, we will be able to see them coming down the road to our house.

I started by clearing away the mulch.

I then placed the rose bushes on the spot where I wanted them to get my spacing right.  The plan was to plant them about 2 feet apart.

Thanks to all the rain we have been getting the Georgia clay was nice and soft.

I then dug a hole.  I hadn’t taken the rose’s from their packaging yet so I wasn’t sure exactly how deep the hole needed to be.  I just tried to guess.

Once I got the roses out of their package, I realized that the roots were not that long inside all the packaging.  I mixed some potting soil with our dirt and then planted the rose-bush so the base is just above the soil.

The instructions said not to plant the base completely under the dirt.  That part apparently needs to be up out of the ground.  I then packed all the dirt around it and pushed it down really hard.

I continued in the same manner with the other 2.  The one on the far left is a little skimpy so hopefully it will grow ok.  I’m not usually one for having “green thumbs” so it will actually be a small miracle if they grow at all.  I’ll have to send hubby out there to touch each one and rub my bad-plant-growing-luck off of them.

I then put all the mulch over them and wish for the best.

I had to get them in the ground because they were already starting to get new growth on them from being in the garage.  We’ve had very warm weather down here this month so I guess they thought it was Springtime already.

I’m so excited about the possibility of having my own rose garden.  I have visions of being able to clip roses from my bushes and having fresh roses in vases around my house this summer.  We’ll see if that happens.

If you’re looking for a good read to inspire you to plant your own rose garden then pick up Sand in My Eyes.

It’s a great book.