A Tisket a Tasket….

an orange and brown basket!
Oh sorry, I got carried away.
On one of my many ventures to my fav antique mall
I came across this great find!
I love it!!
I went to the antique mall looking for one
of those soft sided, single handle, “baskets”
that you can have monogramed on the side.
Those carrier’s, for lack of a better word, are $20 and up
This gem was sitting right outside, waiting for me to snatch it up
and was discounted to $10!!!
I still went inside to look at the others
and give them a fair chance,
this one won out in the end.
This picture makes the basket look HUGE:
kinda like the office building basket in Dresden, Ohio
Everytime I open the lid
I expect Toto to come hopping out.
I just love the great quality and the design.
Just goes to show: new isn’t always better!