Teacher Gift Idea

School is almost out for the summer here in GA.

With each end of the school year, we have Teacher Appreciation Week.

Each day of the week, the students (or parents rather) are supposed to do something for the teacher.

You know, to show their appreciation for all the time they have devoted to the classroom all year.

The week ends with a classroom gift for the teacher.

At the beginning of the year, the teachers are given a survey to fill out so the room moms can know a little more about them.  Some of the things they are asked are favorite places to eat, colors in their home, favorite books, favorite candy etc.  This helps greatly at the end of the year when you are trying to get a gift.

The parents are able to make a monetary donation towards this gift and the room moms go out and get the gift.  I was one of the room moms for my son’s 5th grade class this year and this is what we came up with.

It was pretty easy to put together and we used a lot of the things she said she liked from her survey.

I started with all her favorite things.  The vases and straws were donated from the other room mom but we used money we received to purchase the rest.

I started by taping the straws to the back of the Twix.

I then dropped some Starburst into the bottom of the vase and arranged the sharpies around the edges.

After that I put all the Twix on straws into the container and arranged them so they looked good.  I continued to drop the Starburst into the base as fillers until they were all used.  The straws were bendy straws so I was able to bend some of them and hang them over the side of the vase.

Once I was done with all the Twix, I taped the gift cards to straws and put them in the top.

I love the way it turned out.  I hope our teacher will like it too.


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