Spring is in the Air

It is not unusual to have an early Spring in Atlanta.

This year our spring has seemed to arrive earlier than ever.

It’s as if we went right from fall to spring without a winter in between.

That’s fine with me, we moved south from Ohio for a reason.

One sure sign around here that it’s Spring is the blooming of our Cherry Blossom tree.

Hubby and I love this tree.

It blooms such beautiful delicate flowers.

If the wind blows too hard, these delicate flowers will fall from the tree like it’s snowing.

My son thinks it’s funny to kick the soccer ball into them and purposely knock them off.

After the first rain, they will mostly fall anyway and will leave behind a bunch of green leaves.

The leaves aren’t near as pretty.

I love the view it provides from the window in the 2 story foyer.

I’m always so sad when the white petals fall off but we certainly do enjoy it while it’s here.


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