A little Fall decor

When we were at a softball tournament a couple weeks ago, I saw these leaves all over the ground.  I thought they were so pretty because one side of them were red and the other side looked pink.  I thought they would make a great Fall decoration.

So, I gathered some up and brought them home.

Not that we don’t have leaves in our own yard but I swear mine don’t look like this.  And also, mine hadn’t changed colors yet.

See what I mean about one side red and the other side looking pink(ish).

I wanted some to show their red side and some to show their pink(ish) side.

I arranged them on a piece of whtie cardstock.

Then, I glued them down with ordinary craft glue.

I let them dry for a couple days then went and bought a black frame.

I had to trim the cardstock down to the size of the frame and then just put the leaves in the frame like a picture.

It then got hung on the wall.  I really like how it looks.  It adds some Fall to my basement.

Do you do crafts with leaves?  Frame them and hang on the wall like I did?

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