Tea cup bird feeder

I saw this great idea on one of the blogs I read about a month ago.

(Sadly, I cannot remember where I originally saw it so if it was your idea please let me know so I can give credit back to you.)

Since I saw it, I have been looking for a tea set at Goodwill.  I finally found this one.  The cup and saucer were $.99 each and the spoon was $.25.

The first thing I did was glue the cup to the saucer.  I used Gorilla glue, which is known to hold anything.

I then glued the spoon to the saucer.  The birds can use the spoon to perch on while enjoying their food.

I bought some plastic conduit at Home Depot for about $.97.  It was 8 feet long and 1/2 inch round.  I didn’t want my pole 8 feet long so I just cut it in half.

It doesn’t matter what this end looks like, it’s going in the ground.

After I made sure the cup and spoon were secured to the saucer.

I added more Gorilla glue to the top piece of the conduit and glued the saucer onto it.

I then put it in a safe place to rest over night.

The next day, I got my oldest son to dig a hole for me.  I wanted to bury the pole about 1/3 of it’s length into the ground.

After the hole was deep enough, we pushed the pole into the ground then covered it with the dirt.

I then put water into the cup for the birds to get a drink or bathe in.

I put bird feed on the saucer so they could get a bite to eat.

I think it looks really cute.  I hope the birds enjoy it and my kids don’t knock it over with a soccer ball or something.

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