Organizing office supplies

I bought these glass jars at a garage sale this past weekend.
I didn’t really have any plans for them, I just thought they were cool.
They sat on my kitchen table for 2 days until I finally moved them to the basement.  Today it finally hit me what I would use them for.
I love office supplies.  I don’t know why but I do.  Pens, pencils, note pads, paperclips, folders, calendars, and so on and so on.  Want to make me a happy girl, give me a cool new pen or a neat note pad. 
Hubby says we will never run out of pens and pencils in our house.
I guess he’s probably right.
I thought these jars would be a perfect place to stash some of our millions of office supplies.
The biggest one is perfect for rulers.  I think we have 4 in there. 
The next one down is the perfect size for pencils.
I am using one for extra pens.

One for extra sticky pads.  You can’t ever have too many of those.

The smallest one is used for binding clips.
How cute are these guys.


All the jars fit nicely on the shelf over my desk.

I love that I can see what’s inside without having to take off the lids.

Don’t look at the rest of my desk…. it’s a total mess.


So how about you?  Do you have more office supplies than you know what to do with?  How do you store all yours?

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6 thoughts on “Organizing office supplies

  1. Heh heh! I clicked on this post because I LOVE office supplies – especially if they are unusual or spectacularly cute (like your binder clips).

    This is perfect storage for them since it keeps them out of any drawers. I have an old jar I keep my paint brushes in – guess I will have to get some more. 🙂

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