A little fishing trip

Once a year my husband loads us all in the car and takes us fishing.
The kids claim to love it, I don’t love it so much.
I think it’s boring!  Extremely boring!
When I’m sitting there, waiting for fish who, I swear, are never going to bite; I keep thinking of all the things I could be doing if I wasn’t sitting by a lake.
We always plan in advance to go one day when my husband takes his 2 week vacation in July.  The kids are always so excited.

Can’t you just feel their excitement.
Every year we go to Stone Mountain Park. 
We always go down by the covered bridge.  I must say, it is very quiet and peaceful there.
I spend most of my time taking pictures.

I thought this tree was so cool.  My guess is it fell during a storm and just started growing out over the water sideways.

We saw lots of other animals; like turtles.  Check out this little guy.
We saw lots of ducks and some geese.
Maybe they would like our worms.

I don’t remember ever catching any fish in this lake.  Now that I’m thinking about it, I don’t think their are any fish here.  Either that or they are very smart and know not to eat the worms.
This is the only thing Victoria caught.

Zachary’s was a little scary… had to throw his back.

Well if the fish aren’t going to eat our worms, then she will.

Disclaimer: She didn’t actually eat the worm.  It was just for effect.


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