Fall Decorating…..

In an attempt to clean up and organize
my Christmas decorations, which
have completely overtaken my little
storage room; I came across
tons of fall decorations.
I remember buying all this stuff
but haven’t used it for a few years because
I couldn’t get to it through all the Christmas stuff.
The kids and I spent Saturday evening getting the house
decorated for fall.
Here is what we did:
These pumpkins also take a tea light and look
really pretty at nighttime.
I just got the white candle holder at a thrift store for $1.50.
I love it and it came with a candle.  I also think it looks cute
with the pumpkin.

My skeleton and his dog also have candle holders.

This is my favorite candle in the whole wide world. 
I got it from Partylite years ago and they quit
making/selling it.  I cannot find the equivalent
scent anywhere.

Some of these gourds are real, some are fake.
I think they look great in my red bowl.

I hope you enjoyed my fall decorations.
Make sure to come back when I post my Christmas

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