Can you say idiot?

I am going to cry….. out loud for the entire world to hear me.

I thought I would be smart and create a gmail email account.  I did; and now I am regretting it terribly!!

Take my advice; don’t EVER delete anything unless you know exactly what you are doing.

Let me explain:  I created a gmail email address because I thought it would be so much easier should we ever decide to change from comcast for our internet.  We don’t have any problems with Comcast, mind you, I just thought it would be easy to make the switch if we ever decided that we did have problems.

So I create this email account and within the first day; I knew it wasn’t for me.  It was slow and took me forever to update, reply and forward emails.  So I decided; ok, I’ll stay with my comcast email, it really is better.

Well, in the meantime, my calendar that I use with Google had all my appointments posted twice.  Well, that is a pain.  So then I got to doing some research and found out that I also had a calendar with my new gmail account and it put all my appointments under both email addresses.  Confusing and definately not what I wanted.

So, being the computer genius that I am; I decided I would delete the new gmail email. 

This is where I went wrong; completely and totally wrong.  Not only did it delete my gmail email; it deleted my calendar, my iGoogle page, my BLOG!!!  Yes, that’s correct MY BLOG!!!!  Everything I had posted – GONE; every picture I had posted – GONE; every story and recipe and idea – GONE!

I’m on the verge of tears because I don’t have any of my past posts and don’t even remember what they said. 

Sooooo, here is my new blog…… I will add more to it as soon as I dry my tears and continue on with my life.

 – Nancy


2 thoughts on “Can you say idiot?

  1. Oh Nancy that sucks!!! I can totally relate because I've had many instances where I've accidentally deleted things. Can you contact google and ask them if there is any way you can recover it?

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